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Sabtu, 26 September 2015


Hey fellas, how’s life?
We are happy to tell you that another big event of KIME is coming. It is KIOS new season!

So, what’s new in the new season?
KIOS Corner feat Research Club proudly presents another event to be attended by you all, an Interactive Talkshow about "How strong is the R.I. economy?" from Multiparadigm Perspective: Accounting, Economic Development, and Engineering. As you know that we are facing economic turnmoil not only locally but also globally. So, what's wrong with this situation? Will Rupiah lose its power, again? Are we experiencing economic recession like some economists say? Let's find out the answers by joining this event. We will also review a book entitled “Karikatur Nusantara” directly from its author! This book is a collection of economic articles written by Mr. Avi Budi Setiawan which featured on local newspapers.
The most interesting part is the speakers who will be joining this talkshow are experts in their fields. First speaker comes from Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Macquarie University, Australia, Bernadia Linggar Yekti, S.E., MCOM., Akt. She will deliver her opinion of economy in the perspective of Accounting. The second speaker will be Mr. Avi Budi Setiawan, S.E., M.Si from Department of Economic Development, Faculty of Economics, Semarang State University. He will look Indonesia’s economy in the perspective of Economic Development. As the author of “Karikatur Nusantara”, he will review his book as well. The last speaker will be Mr. Agus Nugroho, S.Pd. from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Semarang State University. He will discuss his perception of economic from engineering perspective, technology, and innovation in accordance with his 10 years experiences in international business. The discussion will be led by KIME Advisor, Mr. Sandy Arief, S.Pd. M.Sc.
The talkshow will be held on October 18th, 2015 at C3 Building, Faculty of Economics, starts from 07.00 a.m. If you are interested to join, just fill out the registration form on Be the fastest to register, because we only provide 100 seats. Next, write your name on the participant list in KIME’s stand at C3 Building 1st floor. Don’t forget to bring the participant’s fee when you register, based on your group. If you are Laskar and Member of KIME, you have to pay only 10K. How if I am not Laskar/Member of KIME? Bring 15K with you. Here, you will not only get knowledge, but also e-certificate, new friends, snack, and games.

So, what are you waiting for?
Be the part of us, be 100 brilliant students of Unnes!
Let’s care about economy!
Let’s find out how to strengthen our economy!
Let’s make a change, as we are the agent of changes!
Let’s be smart, be excellent!

*For more information, feel free to contact Maya at 085747202384 or by following our social media at Kime Fe Unnes (fb) / @KIMEFEUNNES1

*Talkshow will be delivered in English

Head of Research Studies
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