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Rabu, 04 Mei 2016


KIOS CORNER KIME FE 2016: “Magnify The Excellent”

“Good in writing is not enough and presentation skill is a must”.

     KIME FE UNNES proudly presents “KIOS CORNER 2016” with the special theme “Battle of The Brains: Brilliant Performance in Scientific Presentation and Public Speaking”.
What should we do to present the ideas clearly and make the audiences feel excited, enjoy and understand our presentation? Success in performance can’t be attained if the performer can’t control the atmosphere. So, it means “Battle of The Brains”, two collaborations between presentation and public speaking will be a brilliant performance.
Let’s start to make ourselves to be unusual and beyond our expectation in performance by joining this event. Don’t make our performance ordinary, but make it EXTRAORDINARY!
With the great keynote speakers, you will find what you need to improve your presentation and public speaking skill. We proudly invite Mr. Jeffrey Taylor Good from United States of America -the international well-known researcher and Fulbright scholarship recipient- and Ms. Jacqueline Rose A. S. from Philippines -international trainer for debate and speech.  They will share their view and knowledge about their experience in conducting a presentation and public speaking and how to get international scholarship. Moreover, this talk show will be moderated by Mr. Sandy Arief, S.Pd.,M.Sc., an inspiring lecturer of Faculty of Economics.
KIOS Corner will be held on Saturday, 21st May 2016 at Dekanat, Faculty of Education, Unnes starts from 07.00 am. If you are interested to join, register yourself at KIME’s stand, first floor of C3 Building, Faculty of Economics or register by text message with the format: KIOS_Name_Institution_Cash/Transfer and send to 085742095802. You can also pay with transfer. Just send it to BNI-0344860590 (Risma Nur Anissa).

So, what are you waiting for? Be the fastest because we just provide limited seats!
See you on top, See you there!

Source: Department of Students Resources & Public Relations KIME FE Unnes.

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